You are here: Home Press 24/03/2015 - Multiasistencia renews its Family Responsible Company Certification and improves its rating

24/03/2015 - Multiasistencia renews its Family Responsible Company Certification and improves its rating

• Multiasistencia improves its rating according to the FRC audit carried out by AENOR
• Telework, supplementary allowances to Social Security benefits, time for personal affairs and educational aid are some of the most valued measures
• 99% employees consider the continuity of FRC model as important

Madrid, 24 March 2015. Multiasistencia, a leader in the management and repair of claims has renewed the Family Responsible Company (FRC) certification, a hallmark which acknowledges the company's efforts to include measures that enable reconciliation of professional and personal lives of its employees. Through this model, almost 800 employees of the company benefit from measures such as telework, Talent Management Programme or educational aid. Multiasistencia obtained this certification for the first time six years ago and has been successful in improving the rating of the auditors, according to the FRC Audit report carried out by AENOR. According to an internal satisfaction survey, 99% employees consider the continuity of this model as important through which Multiasistencia shows its commitment for the welfare of its employees and the equality of opportunities.

The FRC model is fully consolidated, as stated in the audit report which has been carried out. Among the most valued measures out of the 26 Multiasistencia introduced within this project is telework, a measure where Multiasistencia has been a pioneer and represents a firm stake by the company management with almost 17% staff working under this modality. In addition are allowance in case of temporary sick/disability leaves of Social Security benefits by the company up to 100% of wages, time for personal affairs, educational and school supplies aid.

"At Multiasistencia we are committed to help our employees to reconcile their professional and personal life and the fulfilment of their business goals, by aiming for a more egalitarian society. Therefore, we are very pleased with the renewal of the certification and with the results obtained, as a result of collaboration and participation of employees as it would not be possible without their help", says Mr. José Antonio Molleda, General Manager - Human Resources, Strategy and Corporate Development of the Group and management representative of the FRC Model. He also notes that "these good results serve us as a stimulus to continue working on this project and achieve the best work environment".

The FRC certification is granted by the MasFamilia Foundation, a private, independent, not-for-profit and charitable organisation, created and aimed to provide innovative and highly professional solutions for the protection and support of the family, particularly those with dependents.