You are here: Home Press 11/03/2015 - Multiasistencia continues its international expansion strategy with entry into the Italian market

11/03/2015 - Multiasistencia continues its international expansion strategy with entry into the Italian market

Acquires 65% stake in Alma s.r.l., a leader in claims management in the Multi-risk sector in Italy

The Spanish multinational company will introduce its specialised management model of claims based on repair solution in the Italian market

Madrid, 11 March 2015 Multiasistencia, a specialist company in the management and repair of claims and provider of value-added services for home, businesses and communities, has acquired 65% stake in the Italian company Alma s.r.l., a leader in the management of the most frequent types of claims (cost less than €10,000) from multi-risk insurance policies having over 7% market share.

This operation is in line with the firm commitment of the Spanish company for international expansion of its successful model specialised in management of claims based on repair solution –which it already successfully exported to Brazil two years ago– and strengthened its presence on the European continent, with presence in Spain, France, Portugal, and now in Italy.

Multiasistencia enters the transalpine country to consolidate the leadership position of Alma s.r.l., grow in the Italian market by relying on its technological and operational know-how and replicate its experience in the management of claims both in the local and international market.

Javier Bartolomé, CEO of Multiasistencia, will take charge as President of Alma s.r.l., and Jérémie Boussand, the current director of operational projects in the French subsidiary of Multiasistencia will be the general manager of the company in Italy. The other 35% of Alma s.r.l. will remain in the hands of its current shareholders, Alfa s.p.a, a leader in the Italian market for providing expert opinion of medium and high amount multi-risk insurance claims.

Alma s.r.l., has its headquarters in Bologna and a staff of 30 employees, it managed last year over 33,000 claims, mainly water and electrical damage, making it the market leader with a market share above 7% and a total value of 40 million euros worth claims managed.

Alma s.r.l., has more than 25 years of experience in the Italian market and works for the main insurance companies (Generali, UnipolSai, Allianz...) to whom it provides management services of the most frequent types of claims (cost less than €10,000) through the visit of an expert and compensation management. In Italy, all claims from multi-risk insurance policies are managed through the compensation procedure.

The entry of Multiasistencia in the Italian market will involve the introduction of the repair solution in claims management, a model where the company was a pioneer in the 80's in Spain and has successfully introduced in other countries. In particular, the repair model of Multiasistencia, based on specialised management with a strong operational and technological development, can lead to up to 30% savings in the cost of home insurance claim for the insurance companies and significantly improve the quality received by the insured.

"This operation represents a new step in our international expansion, already having presence in 4 European countries, apart from Brazil," says Javier Bartolomé, CEO of Multiasistencia. "The implementation of our repair solution model in Italy will help insurance companies to adjust costs, improve repair times, reduce fraud and most importantly, increase the quality received by the insured."

The Spanish multinational has been the first company to carry out this activity in Spain, France, Portugal and Brazil, countries where it maintains a leadership position with over 35% market share. A specialised management model of claims launched in Spain in 1983 which revolutionised the market with the introduction of repair solution compared to the traditional compensation solution in claims management of multi-risk insurance policies.