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A great team

A young team that creates value

The Multiassistance Group is made up of about 1,100 people currently spread over 4 countries.

The company's headquarters is in Madrid. The foreign subsidiaries are based in Paris (France), Lisbon (Portugal) and São Paulo (Brazil). They are made up of young, dynamic teams. The average age is less than 40; 65% of the workers are women, including 15 different nationalities.

It is made up of a young team with experience. The average age is below 40, 65% of the workforce are women and there are over 15 nationalities.

Multiassistance is convinced of the importance of human capital for the future of the business, which is why it is committed to the stability of the workforce and reinforces its commitment to the quality of the service and the reconciliation of work and family life. Currently, the average length of service of the personnel is over 8 years.