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Insurance sector

Solutions for insurance companies

Multiassistance has developed a wide range of solutions aimed at responding to the needs of insurance companies, developing two distinct lines of business: management and repair of claims for multi-risk home, communities and business insurance policies and the extension of guarantees; and the development of value added products to enhance insurance policies.

A differential model, our guarantee of quality  
Since the company was a pioneer in Spain for implementing the repair model as opposed to compensation, it has continued to innovate and implement technological solutions to simplify the process of managing and repairing claims. The result is an operational model firmly aimed at the quality of the service for the policyholder, reducing the claim rate, lowering response times and controlling costs.

Among the services offered by the company for the insurance sector is the processing and repair of claims. The management of these claims is addressed from a global and specialist perspective by sector and type of damage. (Click here to see all of the services).

Value-added solutions 
In addition to the possibility of outsourcing the processing and repair of claims, Multiassistance offers you innovative insurance coverage and home, community and business insurance that make it possible to enhance insurance policies to make the product stand out and attract and retain customers. Multiassistance also provides services that complement the products of insurance companies, generating added value for their customers and bringing supplementary income. (Click here to see all of he value-added solutions).